4 reasons why you absolutely need a robotic pool cleaner

Owning a pool is a source of entertainment just as much as it is a source of responsibility. It is not an easy feat to keep a pool clean, which is why many people resort to a professional service that keeps the pool clean for you. Unfortunately, those services charge cleaning fees that can get quite steep for a regular homeowner, which in turn should be reason enough to get pool builders interested in maintenance tasks as well. If you are one of these people who built a pool and now wants to learn how to keep it clean, your best bet is on a robotic pool cleaner. Below we expose 4 reasons why you should own one of these cleaners.

It consumes very little power

Compared to the daily output of power your pool needs, the requirements of a robotic pool cleaner are not nearly as much. In fact, turning it on for just an hour a day to do some regular sweep of the dirt in and on you pool on a daily basis is still a minor power consumption footprint in contrast to the power consumed by the pool pump, and some other cleaning equipment you might have such as an automatic pool skimmer, which needs to be turned on for longer periods of time due to its limitations.

It can reach places your vacuum probably can’t

Pool vacuums nowadays can reach most places in a pool regardless of the shape, but a robotic pool cleaner can just save you the hassle and time of covering all the spots in your pool. The extendible pole of most modern pool vacuums makes them really handy, but you can get the same job done in a better way with a robotic pool cleaner. There is no need for all the extra effort of handling vacuum peripherals, and the cleaning is done more quickly without waiting for further filtering.

It can be programmed to clean when you need it to

Among the most useful features of robotic pool cleaners is the ability to just use their smart features and program to make the most out of their potential and get your pool as clean as possible. These machines can learn most of the layout of your pool to give you enhanced cleaning efficiency when running their cycles, all without you having to meddle in their processes and take extra steps to ensure the cleaner reaches its cleaning potential. It’s part of the appeal of it being robotic, right?

It’s just necessary

Bottom line is, you can’t live with just a robotic pool cleaner, and you can’t live without it either unless you decide to leave the cleaning job to the professionals. What does it mean then? That you just need to own and program your pool cleaner to act in accordance to the needs of your pool. You will still be using pool shock somewhat regularly and probably even some sort of pool skimmer, but the bulk of the pool cleaning will fall on the shoulders of the robotic pool cleaner of your choice.

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