5 tools essential for home renovation

Buying a house can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you now have a roof over your head where you can safely choose to raise a family and grow old. On the other hand, you are now on the hook for home improvement and maintenance costs for life, or at least for as long as you plan on keeping that roof sitting safely over your head. If getting some work done around the house is in your plans in the near future, you might want to consider checking out these 5 essentials tools you will most definitely need to renovate your home.


There is a good chance that at leastĀ someĀ of the work you will do requires a ladder. Be it removing door framings, uninstalling life fixtures, replacing old wire work, performing maintenance on your roof tiles… The list could go on and on, and without a ladder, you would be stuck before you even began doing any actual work. Don’t underestimate how useful it can be, so make sure to get one sturdy ladder that you can also adjust to use both indoors and outside for higher heights.


Much of home improvement work involves dealing with old stuff. Old boards on the floor, old wires that don’t connect to anything, and old technical installations that you had no idea were there in the first place. A good pair of pliers is key to getting rid of these annoying remnants of repairs done by people who did not even bother to leave things clean and easy to sort out. Pliers can also help you cut wires, old nails and screws, and they are usually pretty handy to get a good grip on tough things to pull out.

Stud finder

If your home repairs are next-level and you are tearing walls down and pulling up old floors, then perhaps it is best you carry a stud finder with you. Stud finders help you, well, find the studs behind your walls so you don’t accidentally bring down the studs along with the wall, causing you more headaches and adding costs to your budget. You don’t want to compromise the integrity of the structure either, so think about getting the best stud finder you can if you ever do this kind of work.


For the ultimate handyman, being able to cut materials with ease is a major priority. Having a saw is, therefore, a top priority for people who are hands-on with their home renovation processes. Any kind of saw can be a helping hand in a time of need, but particularly when you need to do some light demolition job and cutting things down is just the easiest way to go. Trimming your boards and metal materials is also a necessity for which a saw works wonders.

Measuring tape

Finally, the most underestimated item on this list is also the most basic. A roll of good old measuring tape will take you further than any other item on this list. Just do a mental exercise: you want to put up new cabinets in your kitchen. How do you measure how wide should they be? How deep? At what height to install them? How to make sure they are in line with the fridge? You can’t just eyeball those measurements, so go get some tape before you even start thinking of renovations.

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