All season vs. All terrain tires: choosing the best tires for you

Getting the right tires for their car is something that any driver should do. However, it might not be as easy as it looks. Vehicle owners must consider the weather conditions of where they live to make the right choice. Depending on how affected the roads are during the season changes, you may need to think of a certain type of tire set over the regular tires you might be used to. Where you actually live or work also plays a significant role in the decision, and these are all important factors that should influence your final choice and help you develop a strategy to adapt to your environment year-round. Here we will take a closer look at two of the most popular types of tires that people use in changing places: all season tires and all terrain tires.

All season tires: what are they and what are they used for?

All season tires, much like their name states, are the standard set of tires that most people have on their cars because they are designed to handle driving conditions in any season. They incorporate some key features of specialized tires for different seasons, like the grip and stability they get from winter tires and the precision and performance of summer tires that is needed on the hot pavement during the warmer months of the year.

Nevertheless, the fact that these tires are a jack of all trades mean that they compromise the enhanced qualities they could get if they were actually specialized tires. All season ones are not recommended for people who live in places where there are extreme weather conditions such as very high temperatures during the summer and lots of hail and snow during the winter. In fact, for those people who do live through the harshest climatic conditions, it is advised that they get a set of tires that suit their needs during these seasons to avoid any road accidents.

All terrain tires: how are they different and what are they for?

As you might have already guessed, all terrain tires are more oriented towards dealing with all kinds of tracks, particularly those that are difficult to cruise through on regular tires. If you live in the countryside or work somehwere like a farm where no roads lead to the site itself, you might want to consider slipping on some all terrain tires for your vehicle. Depending on your field or work it might actually be necessary, thinking also about people who work in construction and need to access worksites and load and unload materials into rough ground.

Of course, all terrain tires inherently offer a better grip on the road beneath them than traditional tires. Howver, the additional traction you get with the best all terrain tires you can find in the market also translates to lower fuel efficiency due to the extra resistance they have against the road. Regular tires and even all season tires perform better because they are conceived as highway tires and roll more freely on clear surfaces. The kind of tires you use on your vehicle depends entirely on your needs and your routine, so choose wisely!

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