All You Need to Know About Sleeping Headphones

Music is food to the soul and that is why very many people tend to draw motivation or simply relax their mind through listening to music. The love of music can lead to the development of some habits that are quite unusual. Sleeping with headphones for example is something that we have done and since it has been proven that music can send someone to sleep, sleeping headphones were innovated. The question is; are sleeping headphones good or bad?


One thing for sure, sleeping with headphones is uncomfortable. Although this might not be the case for everyone, sleeping with headphones can easily hurt the ear when you sleep with too much weight on one side of the head.

Sleeping with headphones over a long period of time can lead to the development of poor hearing. The long term effect of playing music too close to the ear drum are fatal since the eardrum will get damaged.

As much as music can send you to sleep, it can also end up keeping you awake. This happens when the brain decides to concentrate on the music and it can do so for hours. You may not notice this but you will eventually fall a sleep later leading to lack of enough sleep.

When sleeping with headphones, you will automatically alter the position of your head. This has the effect of causing neck muscle pains. Note that regardless on which position you place your head before you fall asleep, the moment you do fall a sleep, you will have to turn but the brain will remember that you have headphones hence influence how you position your head.


Playing soft and soothing songs on your headphones can lead to a long and healthy sleep. This is according to studies that also revealed that sleeping while listening to loud and aggressive music may lead to lack of proper sleep.

Sleeping with headphones allows the brain to relax. As explained, soothing music relaxes the brain allowing it to rest. In simple terms, sleeping with headphones can improve the brain.

Noise can easily cause someone to loose sleep. Noise can be as a result of people talking or a truck passing by. When you sleep with headphones on, you may not be able to hear such destruction.

Sleeping with headphones is a habit that have both good and bad results. However, when sleeping with headphones, there are some things that you need to be keen about in order to save your hearing from damage. Volume is a very important factor when it comes to sleeping with headphones. Studies show that if you sleep with loud headphone music, you are more likely to cause damage to the ear drum compared to someone who sleeps with low headphone music.

It is also very important that you get the right sleeping headphones also known as Sleep-phones. They resemble the normal headbands only that they are worn over the ears. Another thing you may need to consider is not sleeping with music on your ears every night. If you’re looking for some high quality sleeping headphones, check this list.