Electric guitar essentials: top 4 pieces of gear you absolutely need

Playing the guitar is a great way to embark yourself on a journey to the world of music. This instrument is one of the most popular ones nowadays thanks to it being a staple of contemporary music and also an incredibly versatile music tool. It has many advantages compared to many other instruments: it is portable, relatively easy to play but hard to master, customizable, and very versatile in terms of style and sound. You can play songs of most music genres with an acoustic guitar, but you can truly go up to the next level with an electric guitar. To get the most out of your electric guitar, you will need some extra pieces of gear to help you out. Keep reading to learn more about essential equipment to reach your true potential.

Guitar amplifier

First things first: you definitely need an amplifier to make the most out of your electric guitar. While you can just play it without an amp as if it were a regular acoustic guitar, the truth is that there would be no point to the electric part of it then. Hooking up your guitar to an amplifier will instantly make you feel like a rockstar. Listening to yourself play out loud can also be great for you to really find your style and get acquainted with your instrument as you push the limits of the sound output.

Guitar pedal

Next up on the list are guitar pedals. Also known as effect units, these usually come in pedal form because they are easier to operate with your foot, given that both of your hands are obviously busy with the guitar you are playing. There are many different types of pedals, but some of the most popular types include wah pedals, compressor pedals, reverb pedals, and distortion pedals. They alter the way your guitar sounds in different ways and by different means, so no two pedals are the same. If you are interested in these units, you can find some of the best compressor pedals here, for example.

Guitar cables

Logically, you need cables to connect your electric guitar to all your peripherals! Getting the right cables might seem like a no-brainer for most people, but you actually should pay attention when getting cables for specific gear. For instance, some more advanced players might want to try hooking up their guitars to digital interfaces if possible, and sometimes the standard cable for electric guitars just won’t do. Make sure you have adapters and cables of different lengths so you never have to go through the hassle of not being able to play due to lack of cables. Always check guitar cable reviews to make sure you are buying a durable product.

Guitar tuner

Lastly, no guitar player should underestimate the importance of a guitar tuner. Keeping one with you at all times will guarantee you can tune your guitar under any circumstance. No matter how pitch-perfect you think your musical ear is, there is no harm in having a tuner laying around in case you need a quick check-up or when you intentionally want to tune your guitar in a specific way.

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