Why garment steamers are the best way to keep your clothes wrinkle-free

We all know the struggle of having to rush at the last minute to iron our clothes. We need to be somewhere important or meet someone at some event, and our clothes are nowhere near a presentable state when we need to already be out the door. Just the thought of turning on the steam iron is enough to make us seriously consider not ironing anything and just wing it with our clothes as they are. Fortunately, steam irons aren’t the only option you have to make your clothes presentable quickly and easily. Garment steamers exist, thankfully, and they are a better alternative for your clothes than you realize.

Garment steamers won’t burn your clothes

The first reason why garment steamers are superiors to other methods is that they won’t leave marks or straight up burn your clothes when you use them. A garment steamer works with gentle steam jets that get into your clothes and straighten any wrinkles on them right away. There is no room for error like with a steam iron, which can make you spend precious minutes waiting for it to heat to the proper temperature, or can burn-print your clothes if you press for one second too long.

You don’t need an ironing board

Practicality is another big plus of garment steamers. Most garment steamers are built to include an extendable pole in which you can hang your clothes vertically like they would at the drycleaners. Then, you simply use the steamer attachment to straighten out your clothes, no hassle. There is no need to whip out a cumbersome iron board, or look for tissues or pieces of cloth to avoid pressing the iron directly on the clothes. In fact, it is as simple as getting your suits or dress attire out of their garment bags, steaming them, and putting them back in if you plan on changing clothes right before you actually need to do it and don’t want to ruin your outfit on the way to the event. You can find some of these garment bags here.

Steamers provide a more delicate method than ironing

Of course, both steam irons and garment steamers work with steam, but the way in which steam irons gets that steam on clothes is very rough and can end up ruining clothes forever if you are not careful or your mind slips out for a second. No need to worry about that with a garment steamer, because you cannot possibly ruin clothes by ejecting too much steam. This is incredibly advantageous for people with lots of delicate clothes that cannot be taken care of with a regular steam iron. Garment steamers can deal with wrinkles in dresses, suits, jackets, pants, and other clothes that you would usually take to the cleaners.

There are portable and travel units for emergencies

Finally, another important quality of garment steamers is that they come in different shapes and sizes, but a significant part of them are made to use on-the-go. You can find travel-sized garment steamers that you can take with you to deal with rebel wrinkles at the last minute, or larger units that can straighten out your entire outfit with ease. If you are interested in getting one for yourself, take a look at a list of the best garment steamers available here.

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